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Amplitude Overview


Amplitude brings together partners from across Europe to develop multi-modal microscope and endoscope technologies that combine confocal and non-linear imaging techniques.  Motivated by recent breakthroughs in multi-photon imaging, Amplitude aims to develop a system that exploits the optical properties of near-infrared (NIR), instead of visible or UV light, to image deep inside tissues.

Using novel ultrafast light sources, Amplitude is investigating a new concept of label-free, multi-modal microscopy and endoscopic imaging based on an under explored wavelength region between 1650nm and 1870nm (the 3rd biological window).

Using this wavelength range Amplitude will develop high resolution imaging and spectroscopic technologies, including NIR confocal reflectance microscopy, multi-photon microscopy and spontaneous Raman spectroscopy to enable exhaustive characterisation of the morphological, metabolic and molecular characteristics of tissues.

The different technologies will be integrated into a novel diagnostic imaging platform, for use in microscopy or endoscopic probes, enabling the capture of high-resolution images at depths up to 10 times greater than existing clinical diagnostic tools.

The ability of the platform to improve the speed and accuracy of the detection and monitoring of bladder cancer will be evaluated with a series of laboratory and clinical assessments. These assessments will demonstrate that the images produced by Amplitude technology can enhance the ability of doctors to diagnose, treat and monitor bladder cancer patients.

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Conventional Cystoscope

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